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Hormones rule our bodies providing their well-being when they are in balance and signaling by various symptoms when there is hormonal imbalance. For women's health, hormones are incredibly important as they affect all the processes at once. Sometimes, due to aging or some difficult life periods along with some diseases, hormonal levels could decrease which leads to low life quality. To avoid that and decrease harmful processes, Hormone Replacement Therapy is recognized to be among the most effective therapeutical methods. It is our goal to help women stay young, active, healthy, and full of life. All these can be real for you with the help of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Careful and accurate diagnostics

We carry out multi-factor diagnostics to ensure you need hormone balance correction by Hormone Replacement Therapy methods.

Experienced medical consultants

Our doctors provide clients with innovative methods of hormone therapy based on our medical research and the experience of the world scientific community.

Taking care individually

We do know that each woman's body is unique and we offer individual therapy plans to every patient.

A thorough after-care

You can get in touch with our doctors at any time. After you finish your HRT, we'll be there for you to care about your well-being further.

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Our mission is not only to provide women with high-class and effective Hormone Replacement Therapy. We also provide educational activities to make people know more about hormones, how they affect our body and why is it important to maintain hormonal balance in all life periods.

What Is the Essence of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Several hormones are responsible for women's health. First of all, these are Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone, and Human Growth Hormone (Somatropin).

Unfortunately, with aging, the natural level of hormones can decrease, This can be overviewed in several symptoms that can make life joyless. With the proper dosage of hormones delivered to your body when taking Hormone Replacement Therapy, you can feel better and enjoy your active life. The most prominent effects Hormone Replacement Therapy provides to a woman's body are as follows:

  • Metabolism stabilization and weight control
  • Bone remineralization and strengthening
  • Skin and hair condition improvement
  • Better mood and cognitive functions
  • Stress withstanding and better sleep
  • Increased libido

What Methods Are Used in HRT for Women?

As usual, Hormone Replacement Therapy methods for women include three main types.

  • Controlling the level of Estrogen that is a female hormone
  • Providing Testosterone balance
  • Balancing Progesterone levels

All these methods could be implemented in several ways including the use of pilled hormones, hormone injections, using topicals to increase hormone levels and boost the natural production of hormones in the body.

What Are the Signs You May Need Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormonal imbalance can manifest itself at different ages. Especially often the need for Hormone Replacement Therapy occurs in women in the period of premenopause and menopause. After the peak of hormonal production during puberty, the body gradually reduces the doses of hormones produced, and this is a completely natural process. But often, by the age of premenopause, hormonal production falls too much. Also, the cause of a lack of hormones can be a genetic predisposition, certain diseases, constant stress at different periods of the life cycle. Only a doctor can say for sure that you have an imbalance of hormones. To make a diagnosis, it is important not only to note certain symptoms in yourself, which we will discuss below. Equally important is a thorough analysis of the patient's history, as well as testing for hormone levels in the blood. Such a task is not possible for every specialist, and only a doctor with extensive experience in endocrinology and practical Hormone Replacement Therapy experience can accurately diagnose and plan effective treatment.

But what should be taken into account by women themselves? There are a number of "alarm bells" that signal that the hormonal production in the body is out of order.

  • all violations of the menstrual cycle, in particular, irregularity, abundance or scarcity, pain, and severe discomfort;
  • chronic fatigue, nervousness, frequent headaches, excessive sweating;
  • increased hair growth in areas of the body unusual for women;
  • decreased sexual desire, discomfort during intimacy;
  • mood swings;
  • unstable weight;
  • the feeling of dry mouth;
  • sleep disorders, insomnia.

If you notice at least a few of these symptoms in yourself, this is an occasion to undergo a diagnosis and consult a specialist. In the event that you are diagnosed with a lack of a certain hormone, the doctor will be able to choose the most effective treatment for you.

If you don't get your Hormone Replacement Therapy on time, the consequences can be quite serious. In addition to a general deterioration in the quality of life, depression, and pain, refusing to treat hormonal imbalance in women can lead to the development of diabetes, tumor processes, decreased reproductive functions, and obesity.

How to Start Hormone Replacement Therapy With the Maximum Effectiveness

Modern medicine can work wonders. Hormone Replacement Therapy will help you stop the aging process, restore strength and energy to the body. Of course, the effect of HRT on women will require consistency, patience, and precise medical control. The first results you can notice after a few weeks after the start of taking hormones. To receive high-quality medical services in the field of Hormone Replacement Therapy, it is enough to make an appointment at our clinic. Specialists will help you to pass the examination, take blood tests, prescribe the exact treatment, and monitor the effectiveness step by step.

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A Bit About Our Clinic

We are a team of experienced and inspired practical doctors and scientists who are eager to do their best to provide patients with the most effective therapeutical methods for their healthy lives. We develop our innovative methods of HRT to make it possible to stop aging and improve life quality for all the patients we guide.

What Are the Principles of Hormone Replacement Therapy We Offer Our Patients

The fact that Hormone Replacement Therapy can be beneficial for women at various stages of the life cycle is now being discussed by many scientists. But for patients, information about the benefits of synthesized hormones is still a discovery. Often, myths surround Hormone Replacement Therapy, including the dangers of synthetic hormones. In our clinic, we use fundamentally new substances that have nothing to do with the synthetic hormones that were previously used. Unlike artificially extracted substances that are similar to the natural composition of hormones, we use bioidentical hormones that are as close as possible in molecular structure to the hormones that our body produces. The basic principles of Hormone Replacement Therapy that we follow are as follows:

The appointment of therapy is possible only after passing comprehensive studies. We monitor every stage of therapy in order to adjust the dosage and drugs to obtain the maximum possible effect.

Our patients can always count on our support after the end of the HRT course.

We strive not only to return the balance of hormones to your body, but also to inform each patient about what processes are taking place in his body, and how these processes are controlled by hormones.

Give Your Body a Chance for A Joyful Life by Taking Hormone Replacement Therapy

Start the new page of your life from the visit to our clinic. You'll feel all the joy and energy with us. Are you ready to start HRT?

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Can I improve my concentration levels by using Hormone Replacement Therapy?

HRT impacts mental health too. It helps to increase concentration and improve memory, making you focused and light-minded.

Are there contraindications for taking Hormone Replacement Therapy?

As for any medical methods, there are several contraindications. For example, it is not allowed to use in patients who have oncological diseases or vascular diseases in their medical history. To ensure you are indicated to take HRT, please, contact the doctor.

Is it safe to take hormones without a doctor's prescription.

It is strictly prohibited to take hormones without a medical advisor's guidance and prescription as it can lead to lots of harmful aftermaths.



I've been suffering from PMS harsh symptoms for years. In addition, my weight was swinging. After I've started my HRT, I feel much better today. My weight decreased from 190 lb to 150 and that's also a good omen.


When I've started my Hormone Replacement Therapy, I felt almost broken. I had problems with sleeping, felt depressed and exhausted. My skin was dull and I felt like I'm 90 yo. It took 6 months to upset down all these. Today I'm happy to feel good and I look at the mirror without any fear.


I thought I was just tired but it was for several years I felt so. Thanks to my doctor who offered me to pass hormone blood tests. It was a savior as the test showed I had a lack of Testosterone. Now I'm taking bioidentical Testosterone and I can claim the results are overwhelming. I feel the boost of energy every day and I can do more than ever.

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