HGH Dosage For Women

hgh dosage for women

As a woman, you are used to being on the roller coaster ride of fluctuation hormones. While hormonal fluctuations affect males and females, they are a major part of your life from the time you have your first menstrual cycle, through pregnancy, until everything with your reproductive system heads for a shutdown during menopause. You knew estrogen and progesterone could wreak havoc with your system. You didn’t really human growth hormone, otherwise referred to as hgh, could be part of the problem as well. Your hgh levels are at their peak when you are a young adult, but begin to decrease as you get older. If that drop is extreme, you may notice obvious symptoms, such as:

  • Weight gain for no reason
  • Extreme fatigue
  • The inability to focus
  • Memory problems
  • A loss of strength and stamina
  • Difficulty sleeping

Fortunately, you can turn the situation around. If you are dealing with hormonal issues related to your reproductive system, you may be advised to have a prescription for HRT, or hormone replacement therapy. If the issue is with hgh levels, you can also be prescribed hgh treatments that require injections of hgh in order to raise your hgh levels back to optimal levels.

hgh dosage

Beginning HGH Therapy

In order to begin your journey with hgh injections, you need to see your physician. Describe your symptoms and be honest about how you are feeling. You can even keep a journal for a week before your visit to have specific information about what you are experiencing. Your doctor will listen to your concerns and physically evaluate you. You can also expect blood to be drawn. A blood test is necessary in order to analyze your hormonal levels. If you have experienced a drop in hgh, it will show in your blood test. Once hgh deficiency has been confirmed as the issue, your physician will be able to prescribe your hgh treatment.

The hgh dosage for women varies from men. Dosage will be determined by your doctor, but you can expect a range of 2 to 2.5 IU’s for one injection for the maximum level, dropping as low as 1.5 for the minimum level. Expect a plan that could include one injection a day for four weeks, changing to two injections a day for the next three weeks at lower levels. That is one possible plan. Your dosage and prescription will be designed specifically for you. Once you have been on hgh therapy for a few months, it is recommended that you take a few months off. If necessary, you can begin again once you have given your body a break. While you are undergoing hgh therapy, you should notice better sleep quality, a stronger immune system, and the ability to manage your weight more effectively. This therapy can also strengthen your bones at a time you need it most. Make an appointment with your doctor today to find out how hgh therapy can improve your life.

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